Get the most effective vocabulary-building tool on the market! - Allows learners of all ages to "Picture Words--In a Flash!"

Created by students for students, Picture Words by Marie’s Words applies a fun, effective, and unique approach to improve language skills and increase test scores. The colorful and creative illustrations and calligraphy help to visually identify words in the brain. Because of the power of visual language, Marie’s Words’ mnemonics, or “word faces,” are essential to a fun and effective learning experience.

Made in America: The Story of Picture Words by Marie’s Words

– Improve your SAT, ACT and GRE scores

Marie improved her score from 1790 to 2050, out of a possible 2400 points!

– Play fun word games like Picture Words and Marie’s Wordsmith

More than 10 games in each box!

– Use for homeschooling, tutoring, classroom enhancement, and road trips

Endorsed by teachers for ages 5-years and older, Marie’s Words has seen its unique method benefit thousands of students from kindergarten to college.

– Discover how “picture words” translate well for students with alternative learning styles

Full-color graphics, blue-toned backgrounds, and phonetic pronunciations are multi-sensory features that work for dyslexic, ADHD, Asperger’s, autistic, and gifted and talented learners.

– Distributed world-wide, Marie’s Words is also an ESL (second-language) learning tool

Our 550 words are sold in quality retail stores across the U.S.A., Asia Pacific, online, and on digital apps.

Marie and Nick Bradvica, the young entrepreneurs who founded Marie’s Words in 2010, invite you to check out their website.