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About Marie’s Words

Marie Bradvica was a junior at Carlsbad High School when she decided that traditional vocabulary flash cards were not effective for her. She was studying for the SAT and simply couldn’t memorize the thousands of words. That’s when she began to draw pictures for each vocabulary word and create mnemonics to help her remember the definitions. With her original methods and ideas, she improved her SAT score from 1790 to 2050 and earned scholarships to many of her dream schools. She also realized that her increased vocabulary improved her reading comprehension, her writing skills, and her public speaking abilities.

She conscripted her brother, Nick, a creative-writing major at USC, to illustrate her sketches and mnemonics and to write contextual sentences for each picture. They spent roughly 10,000 hours in their living room that next summer drawing, coloring, writing, and creating the 550 Picture Words available to you today! They found multiple educational consultants who were willing to edit and provide key information so that the cards were effective for all ages and abilities.

Marie and Nick considered every detail. For instance, our flash cards are the same size as playing cards and trading cards so that they feel like games and can fit in sleeves and folders. Our Picture Words are also hole-punched so you can put them on a carry-ring for car rides, hiking trips, or simply to take them to school. Every card is full-color with a blue or black background to eliminate glare and increase concentration and, furthermore, has a unique picture and calligraphy so it stands alone in the brain. On top of that, the sentences on the back of each card explain the meaning and origin of the picture on the front. This is truly a one-of-a-kind learning tool created by students for students with an attention for quality. Our products are 100% American-made.

Experience quality learning with Marie’s Words.

Improved Testing Scores

Improve your SAT, ACT and GRE scores

Raise your SAT

Marie improved her score from 1790 to 2050, out of a possible 2400 points!

Word Games

Play fun word games like Picture Words and Marie’s Wordsmith

Multiple Games

More than 10 games in each box!

Endorsed by Teachers

Endorsed by teachers for ages 5-years and older.

Homeschooling, road trips, and more.

Use for homeschooling, tutoring, classroom enhancement, and road trips

Distributed World-Wide

Distributed world-wide, Marie’s Words is also an ESL learning tool

Sold in-store and online

Our 550 words are sold in quality retail stores across the U.S.A., Asia Pacific, online, and on digital apps.

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