Welcome to the Realm of Marie's Words

Marie’s Words is a work of 550 original, full-color, hand-drawn vocabulary flash cards. It allows you to learn word definitions in a visual and meaningful way. The illustrations are unique, and many use historical, geographical, scientific, cultural and generational references as a mnemonic tool for easy learning. Marie’s Words harnesses the “Power of Pictures.”

Robert E. Horn, a noted professor, explains in his book Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century that “a diagram or picture occasionally accompanied text in medieval manuscripts. But . . . the visual and the verbal went their separate ways, becoming separate forms of communication.” Marie’s Words incorporates visual language, making it a unique vocabulary flash card product.

For instance, how many times have you heard someone say, “I’m good with faces, but I can’t remember names?” Well, Marie’s Words puts a face to each word’s name. To help you remember 550 “word faces” quickly and easily, Marie’s Words employs three different mnemonic methods:

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ALTERCATION highlights the word CAT and displays a CAT FIGHT, connecting ALTERCATION to a noisy, heated dispute or conflict.

Each illustration graphically conveys the word’s definition. For example, because TACIT means “expressed without words” or “implied,” the illustration displays TACIT written in sign language.
Compare and Contrast

This method juxtaposes two pictures or ideas. With PROSAIC, the illustration exhibits a mirrored image of a tree. The upper half of the picture is PROSAIC and plain, whereas the MOSAIC on the lower half is intricate, colorful and beautiful. PROSAIC is the opposite of MOSAIC.

Robert E. Horn, Visual Language: Global Communication for the 21st Century