The Story of Marie’s Words and the SAT

//The Story of Marie’s Words and the SAT

The Story of Marie’s Words and the SAT

My name is Marie Bradvica. When I was seventeen, I envisioned Marie’s Words on a flight home from a college visit. Knowing that I needed to raise my SAT® scores and that I’m a visual learner, I was unable to find a vocabulary learning tool that worked for me. I was frustrated to study words one day and not remember their meanings the next, so I began to create my own study method. I sketched illustrations to mentally picture each word’s meaning. As I sketched more illustrations, my SAT® scores improved.

With the support of my dad, my two brothers, and many professionals, my personal learning tool is now available to you. My 550 hand-drawn, full-color illustrations will help you visually connect words to their meanings. Plus, I have included pronunciations, parts of speech, definitions, synonyms and antonyms, and sentences that are contextual to the word and the illustrative mneumonics. With everything you need on every card, Marie’s Words is a one-stop vocabulary resource.

It’s easy and convenient, and Marie’s Words even goes where you go! It’s available on the Apple and Android app store for all your road trips!

You’re probably following a busy schedule with school work and extracurricular activities. Marie’s Words not only allows you to learn quickly, but it also takes the boredom and frustration out of studying vocabulary, and it enhances your ability to find the right word fast.

I wish you all the best. Please let me know how Marie’s Words helps you reach your goals.

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