One Box To Rule Them All: Give Any Student A College Vocabulary Through Fun Games

//One Box To Rule Them All: Give Any Student A College Vocabulary Through Fun Games

One Box To Rule Them All: Give Any Student A College Vocabulary Through Fun Games

Carlsbad, California – Marie Bradvica created Picture Words for herself while studying for the SAT® in high school because she needed a fun, visual way to learn thousands of words. When she improved her score by 260 points from a 1790 to a 2050 out of 2400 possible, she decided to make her personal learning tool available to the world through the help of her family. Marie’s Words is now endorsed for all ages and abilities, and children as young as three-years-old have benefitted from her multi-sensory, game-based approach to learning! Additionally, high school students who are preparing for college now have an easy, fun, and affordable way to improve their test scores by hundreds of points.

Why is Marie’s Words so effective? Well, have you ever found that it is easier to remember faces than names? The same logic applies to words. Although an advanced vocabulary is necessary in college and the business world, it has always been difficult to study vocabulary because every English word is composed of the same 26 letters rearranged and omitted—until now! Marie’s Words puts a face to each word’s name, making it easier to recall definitions and meanings when speaking, reading, writing, or listening.

Additionally, Marie’s Words can be played as multiple word games. With over 550 cards, 3000 vocabulary words, and 10 games in each box, there is no limit to the amount of fun and learning! The games range from matching and picture association, to cognitive reasoning skills and writing, to reading and memorization, and more. There is a game for every occasion and learning style, and students of all ages, abilities, and languages are able to play immediately with friends and family.

Research shows that vocabulary is directly correlated with one’s education level and success in business. Now, there is finally a fun, effective, and affordable way to improve your diction and English language skills to attain success. Marie’s Words is available in physical flash card format on, or in digital format as applications in the iPhone, iPad, and Android market.

If you would like more information regarding Marie’s Words, or to set up an interview with the creators, please email or call (760) 729-6737.

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