Marie’s Words’ Audition for Shark Tank

//Marie’s Words’ Audition for Shark Tank

Marie’s Words’ Audition for Shark Tank

Hello, fellow Word Nerds! (we hope we can call you that)

Today was a great day! The ABC show, Shark Tank, hosted open auditions today in Hollywood, California, and Marie’s Words was the 120th of 500 companies that procured a wristband! I was told to get there early, so I woke up at 3 a.m. and drove from my USC headquarters to Hollywood with my Marie’s Words shirt, two super-sized Picture Words, and our handy business bag full of boxes, business cards, and my original artwork.

Marie's Word Shark Tank Audition

Darkness had promised to stay a while longer when I pulled into the hotel parking lot where the auditions would be held at 11 a.m. At first, I thought I was the first. However, I quickly discovered that indeed I was not—the line had started two days ago and now stretched several hundred yards down Vineland Ave. I slithered through the sinuous array of sleeping bodies strewn out on the sidewalk, chairs propped up with already-cold coffee still searching for lost steam, and the hundreds of brave, creative, and driven entrepreneurs who traveled from many states to bear the fruits of their hard work, passion, determination, and hope, just as I did.

I was not the only one to “smell blood in the water!”

I settled into line and quickly made friends with my neighbors. The young man in front of me created a cool, youthful app called Slang with Friends, essentially Words with Friends but with slang words worth extra points! The lady behind me invented a very useful tool that easily collects the viscous bottom-inch of soap, honey, or cleaning products, &c., in bottles to use in order to save money by “wasting naught!” I traded business cards with them, and then I decided to start at the beginning of the line and pass out a business card to each of the hopefuls in addition to a handful of Picture Words to help them learn some words and have fun while they waited.

Time flew by, and before I knew it the morning sun was bursting through the branches of trees that lined the street, and the casting director and crew were handing out the flashy Shark Tank wrist bands as they walked down the line. We were given a time slot that corresponded with our number, divided by groups of 50, and so I waited excitedly under the hotel awning with other entrepreneurs and discussed their businesses or products, each of us imagining what it might be like when they called our numbers . . . How many crew members would there be? How big was the room? How much time did we have? What did they want to hear? Of course, it’s never what you imagine it to be. Thus, when we approached the audition room after being briefed by the coordinator, having filled out the large application and anxiously waited for hours, the realization sank in.

The room was fairly small and cramped, with stale lighting and four school-type desks positioned awkwardly in the four corners. There was one person at each desk, and one entrepreneur in front, pitching his ideas for his life as if the bases were loaded and there were two outs in the ninth. Always be closing, they say.

I walked up to the plate, and it all happened so fast. I pitched the same great story that I’ve given a thousand times, a four-seamed family fastball, high at the letters, and the word on the streets is that it blew them away!

They asked some tough questions, such as how many units have we sold (over 6500) and how long we’ve been in business (3 years), and how much have we grown in these years (we’re now in six continents, and public and private schools). Again, like the evanescent darkness of the early morning, the pitch lasted but a moment in time. I hope and feel like we hit home!

Our goal as a family, a company, and a community is nothing less than to change the world . . . one word at a time—one child at a time. We believe that vocabulary is an essential building block of education, that strong diction is the first step to success, and finally that with education all things are possible! Help us on our journey to change the world by improving our most basic communicational constant and by increasing our most advanced conduit of human achievement—our words.

Support Marie’s Words by telling your friends and family (and maybe even a stranger) about our life-changing learning tool, and let’s change the world together!

The only limits are those we place on ourselves!

– Nick Bradvica, President

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